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Recovery Stuff

Recovery Stuff is a micro business generating income for a small group of people who are themselves in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

We worked with Recovery Stuff to help them get started on a new Shopify website, so they could sell merchandise, which raises money for organisations supporting recovery.

We set them up on a simple theme, and provided training as to how to update the website themselves, keeping costs low. They’ve picked it up really quickly and saw immediate sales, so we look forward to them flourishing in the future.

Being on Shopify is a regular monthly payment, but most of the work is already done in terms of setting up payment gateways and managing your orders, so this was a very affordable solution for the business, and enables them to scale quickly without too much input from a Web Developer.

Recovery Stuff website displayed on a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Recovery Stuff Shopify store homepage


Recovery Stuff Shopify store product page

Product page