dreamweaver cs5 mac osx

21st November 2010

Have you ever come across the problem where your in the middle of updating files on a Remote Server, and you open a file, try to edit something and Dreamweaver instantly crashes without reason?

Looking on Google for a possible solution I found that it appeared to be common place on Windows Vista or 7, but couldn’t find a solution for Mac OS X (10.6.4 Snow Leopard in my case).

It appears that deleting the file “MacFileCache-********.dat” was not sufficient to solve my issue.

As I tried deleting the above file, in the same location, I also cut + paste the relevant website folder and .dws file onto my Desktop, restarted Dreamweaver and voila! No more crashes.

So to highlight, on Mac OS X, go to:

Macintosh HD > Users > yourname > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Dreamweaver CS5 > en_US > Configuration >

delete the file starting “MacFileCache-2828CDF7.dat”

go into the folder Site Cache >

move the corresponding folder and .dws file e.g. Designers Block folder and Designers Block.dws

This should hopefully solve the crashing aspect. The folder and .dws file are recreated once you start working on your site again.