Should you use a CSS Framework?

There seems to be a surge of ‘frameworks’ being released in the past few months, especially with the recent excitement over HTML5 and CSS3 usage in newer browers. There seems to be some confusion over what they are and why you should use them. Wikipedia defines a framework as “…A CSS framework is a pre-prepared […]

dreamweaver cs5 mac osx

Dreamweaver CS5 local cache on Mac

Have you ever come across the problem where your in the middle of updating files on a Remote Server, and you open a file, try to edit something and Dreamweaver instantly crashes without reason? Looking on Google for a possible solution I found that it appeared to be common place on Windows Vista or 7, […]

internet explorer 7

IE7 + IE8 Compatiability Mode – issues with margin and padding

Quick note : if you find your styles for margin and/or padding are showing in the stylesheet, but not reflecting in the actual front-end layout, try adding: element { zoom: 1} This gives it “hasLayout: – I honestly couldn’t say why that works but plenty of information available on Google about the reasons why: Google […]

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