What does a website cost?

Or you can watch it on Vimeo : What does a website cost? ~ Blueocto Ltd Uh-oh Caroline has made a video! Go easy, it’s our first one – but we try to answer a very common question, What does as a website cost? – I do apologise I do rattle on for a bit, […]


We are now Inspire Network members

We’ve just been informed we have been approved to become members of The Inspire Network, which is great news. You can see our profile here. The Inspire Network is a great community, mostly geared towards women in business, where you can meet other business owners and ask questions or for help, discuss topics, and they’ll […]


Networking in Newcastle

Caroline Hagan attends several Networking events in Newcastle, for Blueocto Ltd in June. Including PNE Enterprise, Networking Mummies and the Inspire Network.

Ecommerce – did you know?

" You must display the name of your business, the company registration number (or proprietor's name), geographical address (not a PO Box number), contact information e.g., telephone number and email address, VAT registration number (if registered), under the Ecommerce Directive 2002."