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21st January 2015 is one of the many services offered by Shaun McGill. He had previously had the website designed and built some time ago by researching freelancers online. However the way in which it had been built is now considered an old and incorrect method (using tables) which meant Shaun was unable to update the website easily himself.

So we agreed to convert the static website, across to a content management system, WordPress. This would enable Shaun to edit content, add media and delete old content easily, without it affecting the design or integrity of the website. If in future he opted for a redesign, this could be done easily with a new theme, without effecting his content.

What We Did

An overview of some of the steps involved in the process of a conversion can be seen below for this particular project.

  • Obtained access to the current, live site
  • Established it was built in tables – confirming why client found it difficult or tedious to update website
  • Took a backup of the live site
  • Obtained access to clients’ host and domain name logins
  • Setup a new WordPress installation on a temporary domain with existing host
  • Developed a new CSS theme to match existing website design
  • Converted existing pages to WordPress Pages
  • Content had to be properly structured in HTML
  • Imagery and media had to be uploaded to WordPress – this saves repetition across the site and easy management

Created a new login for Shaun to start managing his website


Before we began any coding work, we checked to see if his existing website had Google Analytics – it did not – so we added the relevant code to see what kind of traffic and visitors were coming to the website.

This would help ourselves or future companies, help Shaun, should he wish to change the website or setup goals for generating more leads and conversions through the website.


This method of updating a website is very cost-effective, as it only needs to be done once, WordPress is a very well used CMS for which there is plentiful information and support for. Also no redesign was required, or new content written. Should Shaun wish to implement changes in the future, he can phase these in at his own pace, thus making it a lot cheaper for a sole trader.

Some of the results of the conversion can be seen below:

Old WebsiteNew Website
64 .php + .html files7 .php files
5 .css files1 .css (2 .sass) file
4 .js files3 .js files
153 images34 images
Page Speed Grade 33% FPage Speed Grade 98% A
YSlow Grade 77% CYSlow Grade 93% A
Page load time : 6.96sPage load time : 2.20s
Total page size : 617kbTotal page size : 616kb
Total number of requests : 73Total number of requests : 62

Testimonial from Shaun

I contacted Blueocto to change my website over to WordPress, so it would be easier for me to make changes to the copyright. But not only have they done a great job in changing my site to WordPress in super-fast time, they has also advised on changes to make my site look and work better.

Working with Blueocto has been great from start to finish and they have be a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Blueocto. A lovely business, completes work in super-fast time and their work is of a very high standard. Will definitely work with Blueocto again in the future.

What we would recommend for the website moving forward

  • We would recommend a simple redesign of the website, in order to freshen it up to make it more visually appealing to read and navigate
  • Consider a responsive approach (not just desktop users) so mobile users receive a better experience
  • Perhaps make the branding more distinct and consistent.
  • Use more properly structured content (H1, H2 headings) to increase readability and accessibility.
  • Setup a blog to increase traffic and leads
  • Setup social media to share information and link back to the website to drive traffic