How to re-post an Instagram post

Transcript Hi Everyone! I thought I would share this little technique with you all – this question did get asked in one of the Facebook Groups, and it was “how do I share an Instagram post that I have seen?”. So, just very quickly, I’m just sharing my iPhone screen here. If we go into […]

Facebook and Instagram tips and tricks

Welcome to 2017! Hope everyone had a nice bit of time off work and with family and enjoyed the festivities. In the last couple of month’s, I’ve made some quick video’s on Facebook and Instagram, as I found a lot of questions were being asked over and over, on Facebook Groups especially. Here are those […]


Limit WordPress admin access

Following on from Part 3 about usernames and passwords, let me show you a really simple trick that will dramatically improve the security of any WordPress site you’ll ever work with. You already know that when you set up your WordPress site, the account that you set up for the WordPress site is an Administrator […]