Should you use a CSS Framework?

There seems to be a surge of ‘frameworks’ being released in the past few months, especially with the recent excitement over HTML5 and CSS3 usage in newer browers. There seems to be some confusion over what they are and why you should use them. Wikipedia defines a framework as “…A CSS framework is a pre-prepared […]

marie antoinette

10 Marie Antoinette Inspired Pieces of Art

I must say I can’t but help watch Marie Antoinette whenever it pops on Sky Movies, all the cakes, shoes, bustling dresses and fancy hair pieces; so in honour of that, here are some interesting photographs inspired by that period.

Rainbow Gathering

Rainbow Gathering by Benoit Paillé

Rainbow Gatherings experimenting self transformation (interview by Sébastien Dulude) Rainbow Gatherings are communities meeting in a nature setting to share together the ideals of peace, harmony and respect and to create an alternative to popular culture, mass media and materialism….