A – Z of Email Campaigns

Creating a new email campaign can sometimes be a minefield to new customers or clients. Here we’ve accumulated a handy A-Z of keywords on the subject, which will hopefully demystify some of the jargon used and what you may expect from an email campaign project. A is for…. Attachment When referring to e-mail, an attachment […]


119 Inspiring Logos from 2011

Well it’s almost Christmas, so we thought we would share some inspiration to carry you over the festive period, with this round-up of great logos we’ve had the pleasure to come across during the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Blueocto team!


Be inspired by our Colour Palette combinations

Colour choices for your website create such an impact… …and should be considered carefully. The relationship, religious, cultural, political, social and emotional influences a colour may have on a visitor, could make or break interest in your brand. Think Coca-Cola’s red, Cadbury’s purple, BP’s green and yellow, Orange’s well, orange. You get the idea. Here […]


10 Fantastic New Free Fonts

Free fonts are being released into the community regularly, so we though it was about time we rounded up 10 of our recent favourites to share with our readers. Take a look through our selection below and as always, let us know your thoughts on what we’ve chosen. Absinthe Author : Franck Trebillac Download Absinthe […]

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