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WordPress Media Management

Why is Media Management important? Just the same as the content is important to your users, visitors and customers and for being found online in search engines, Images and Video are just as important at conveying a message or enticing someone to buy. Images take up massive amounts of internet bandwidth because they often have […]


Why website performance matters

Transcript Hi Everyone! Here we go, it’s Friday, thank god it’s the weekend and we might actually get some nice weather! Just to do a quick video to catch up, as I haven’t done one for a while, I’ve been doing a lot of studying for my exam for Google Mobile Sites, and I finally […]


Getting started with Facebook Events

Transcript Hi Everyone! I know I haven’t done any video’s or post’s really much lately, I’ve been super busy, but I just wanted to make this quick video, about Facebook Events. I find it’s something I’m using more of in my personal time and I think so many businesses could benefit from using this feature […]


Facebook Page Competitions and the rules

Transcript Hi Everyone! I hope you’re doing well, it’s Friday not long to go now, I thought I’d just do a very quick video, I was going to do this via desktop, but it appears it’s only strictly on the mobile version of Facebook  (Live)  I don’t know why, and I can’t do it in […]


How to change a Facebook Page call-to-action button

Transcript Hi everyone! Another question that’s come up one one of the Facebook Group’s that I’m in, and I’ve seen it come up a few times, so I thought it would be worth creating another video. On a Facebook Page for your business, how to change the call-to-action, which would be this big blue button. […]

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