19th December 2011

Well it’s almost Christmas, so we thought we would share some inspiration to carry you over the festive period, with this round-up of great logos we’ve had the pleasure to come across during the year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Blueocto team!

69 airtistic aka amour-du-dragon-restaurant animal-defense-league art-eagle-webstudio astoria aterna avtobeginner badboy-night-club bebocean berry-projects bigboy billy-turf bingo bookcover-cafe bouquetville bowling-centercavemanchimera chocochoke chrome-river ciro clock-king coco codework coding-hour concur costea creative-fire crocodhill crookers-plant-master diagnosia ebinder ecolion eighteen element-of-sound elk eurogen evernote explorations extra-magazin falconeye filmaps fing flyfinland food-boutique fortress-financial-solutions fresh-me-now fubano gecko golfburn hafiz-bacote handydog harbour-square hec-hah hidden hotel-connections hunter-studio ideris jazz-school-online liebemusik lighthouse-architecture liozo main-street-sports-bar mammoth-pub maraud martin-kusak memocom menitiz moods moon-cafe nooboo oh-fish on-a-date oxycom peppeta pokerhills-tournament polar-bear polynesian-wine premia-real-estatepromantek ray-cheung rino-engraving riverjet robin roostar rotka royal-dentistry russian-up ryan-global-school scherkhan shirt-pepper shm-language-services snakeye southport-fishing space-settings spade-dealer spyhopper stadia sunset super-books syntech terex tucando umbrellapp vercettie viperace waterfall waterheart watermelon web-architecten web-design-library williamson-pottery wineforest wine-quotations yellowrobin-marketing zoorganic zujava